Remember us like now

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It is the day before Christmas Eve, florist Thea arrives to the frosty Sunnan village  in the North part of Sweden from the summer of New Zealand. She has two weeks to take care of the estate that her mother’s aunt left behind, then she has to go back to continue working in her beloved flower shop. A business who has become her everything since she left Sweden just about three years earlier, determined never to return.

The house that Thea inherited has a large sewing studio and  turns out to be full of secrets, and Aunt Marianne was far more passionated than her lonely existence indicated. Thea finds herself eager to find answers. At the same time she meets Tim, the handsome but enigmatic photographer and notices how she begins to draw parallels between her own life and the life of Marianne. They seem to have more in common than she ever could believe.

However, Thea carries her own heavy secret and knows deep inside that she can never have a relationship again. Tim, has a tangled past as well that his heart never has recovered from. The dream of the two together is impossible from the start and as time runs out, Tim also turns out to have hidden secrets that have far greater consequences than he imagined. Everything they have is now, no before and no after.

Remember us like now, is a romantic feelgood novel, a story of broken hearts, difficult life decisions and a story of longing for true, great love.