See you in Disneyland

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Emma works at the production company Gigant Television, which is governed by the pragmatic CEO Elsa Wander. Emma is married and has two children. Her husband, Andreas, is a freelance journalist and fights to get work.

Emma has had a pain in her abdomen for a while, when she is looking for care, she appears to have suffered from “stomach tummy”, ovarian cancer. She is shocked and unable to tell the family, but receives comfort and support from her ex-partner, Preben.

At the same time, Andreas also seeks confirmation elsewhere, but takes risks and crosses borders in a way that both fascinates and scares him.

With this novel, the author, takes in to a full-time picture of the middle class jargon and preferences. What happens to people when life sets ultimatum? Can a marriage, filled with secrets, be saved?

See you in Disneyland is about death and life. About love, disappointments and the will to control ourselves and others. A bold novel that lands in the middle of the present, right here and now.