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Barcelona, 1936. Conxa digs up a rifle and leaves her child. In the Swedish city of Gävle, the harbor worker Ingemar views an advertisement: “Help Spain’s fighting people!” At New Year he leaves his home town to participate in the fight against fascism. Left behind is Klara, with her own struggle and her unborn daughter.

Solidärer is an epic novel about the consequences of war, the forms of love and the dream of another world.

“Remember, you even said that no matter what, I should always be myself? But in a war there’s no me. It’s when you think you’re important that the panic appears.” We avoid looking each other in the eyes. “When the adrenaline goes out of the body, we are hopefully asleep. If we do not fall asleep we get mad. We wake up, drink wine and get ready. We sing The Internationale, but the words are cracking. “

Anna Jörgensdotter is awarded the Moa Martinsson Prize and the VI Literature Award for this novel, and honored with the Sara Lidman Prize.

A selection of reviews

“It is like this novel has been existing for a long time in the classical Swedish literature, it’s like a coincidence that it came now: this book might as well have been published 40 years ago, or ten years from now. A classical novel in the true meaning, free from anxiety to be present and thus obvious, and a completely pleasure to read.”

“And the sadness, the trilliness, all the naked human souls who carry so much that they don’t know of,  Jörgensdotter creates so sharply in her words. This novel shines!” Expressen

“The magic lies in the reproduction of man with his illusions and his hope, his urge and despair…”

“Good God, she is capable of drawing a living portrait, Anna Jörgensdotter!”

“Oh, Anna Jörgensdotter, you are wonderful when you capture those innocent young people on their blanket among bakeries and demonstrations, in a park similar to any park in the 1930s in every city in the world. They are in the middle of love and do not understand it.” UNT

”Almost the best: The ambition. Just taking on a big, political and fictional hard-written project like Solidärer, to dare to venture out over the borders of the petty bourgeois and provincial, I am happily pleased with that.”

“There are several finely crafted characters in this novel. Jörgensdotter is close to all of them, she finds their dedication and voices, their underlying values and the way their values has formed hem. Hellgren not least. The portrait of him is a gem.”

“It is the narrative drive and the sliding between first and third people who lead and decide, not any pre-cut intrigue or smelted war supplies. It causes many sections to shine and build up the readers curiosity for the next sentence and the ways the story will take. It is an impressive novel.” Dala-Demokraten