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Sun, salt-sprinkled rocks, seaweed-scented sea air and a wooden house on a cob just outside Möja in the Stockholm archipelago. Here is where Malin withdraws to heal the broken heart that her ex-husband suddenly left her with. Here she will write the sequel to her novel and finally get to see old summer friends again. But nothing will turn out as she has imagined.

Malin, who has always been the good girl, is someone you can trust. As a respected cultural reviewer and the new shooting star in the fictional sky, she has a lot to live up to. She knows what is required of her and what she needs to do to maintain the status she has worked so hard to get.

It only takes four weeks before her whole of life is overthrown.

And she knows that she only has herself to blame and now she has to stand her ground. A long friendship is put to the test, trust is broken and secrets that have been buried for decades float to the surface. But there is no turning back for Malin once she has made the decision to put herself first.