Swedish Arts Council praises Masja

In her third book about the Tolstoy family Carola Hansson writes about the daughter, Maria lvovna. Apart from the many, many great reviews in media, the Swedish Arts Council praises this novel to the sky.

“At the age of two her father, the famous writer Lev Tolstoy, foretold that she would suffer greatly throughout her life, a prophecy that unfortunately came true. She married late, was sickly for long periods of her life, and had seven miscarriages before dying at 35.

The focus of the novel is on the strong intellectual and emotional bond that existed between father and daughter, as demonstrated in their conversations about politics, art and religion. Another theme of the novel is the anything but warm relationship between Masja and her mother. The empathy with these people’s fates is so great that it leaves an unforgettable impression on the reader.”

The Story of Masja was nominated for the August Prize and also shortlisted for The Swedish Radio Big Novel Prize.