The Berry series

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 Cloudberries and hearts

The life of the family around restaurant La Stella in Östersund is never quiet. The cloudberry flowers blooms on the mountain marshes, the golden yellow berries soon begin to mature, but with autumn comes changes as well.

Why does Mario long for new challenges when everything goes so well? How come Liselotte, who lives with a new man after the devastating divorce, is still drawn to new adventures? Her parents, Anita and Börje, are so in love but couldn’t they just be happy pensioners and roll in old tracks? And shouldn’t Linda nurture the relationship with Anders instead of longing for a beautiful mountain guide?

Mario’s and Liselotte’s daughter Sandra looks at the adults around her, how their relationships are broken and changed. They seem unable to take responsibility. Among cloudberries and mountains, a thought of longterm plans are growing inside of her.

When they all gather in the ski resort Åre, they all have to meet the truths about themselves. Who they are, who they thought they were, and start seeing each other with new eyes without fear of the consequences.


 Wildberries and betrayal

Liselotte struggles to find balance in life. Her husband Mario runs Östersund’s most popular restaurant, La Stella, and works constantly.

Liselotte herself has a lot to do with the children Sandra and Elias, with the work on the travel agency, with the home and with their parents.

And somewhere she has a gnawing feeling that life was not what she thought.



 Black currents and sadness

The family around La Stella is back. When we meet them in the eagerly awaited follow-up of the book Wild strawberries and betrayal, it’s almost autumn. The currants shine in the gardens and there is a feeling of sadness over the city of Östersund. Liselotte Ponti’s newly started travel agency goes very brilliant and together with her husband Mario and the children she plans for a new life in a large villa on the island of Frösön. A life that will make them all have to think about the betrayal and the family lies – or?

Black currants and sadness is a story of dreams and betrayed hopes. But also about unexpected happiness and insights about life that is more difficult to understand than they thought. Happiness exists, but as is love, the question is only; how big are the costs?


 Raspberries and hate

It is July and the raspberries that have not been picked yet are getting bad. Simultaneously with the summer’s heavy and sweet scent, something else grows.

Love affects some, others become abandoned and hatred stumbles near the previous love. Liselotte dreamed of a new love, but when her hope turns into nothing,  she throws herself into the work. She continues to surprise both herself, her friends and the entrepreneurs in the city of Östersund. She is full of ideas that are easier and easier to implement. But when her daughter, Sandra,  approaches with her critical teenage look ,, she realizes that she can no longer avoid the most difficult issues. Was this how she thought life would turn out? Where did love go?


 Lingonberries and lust

It is autumn, ithe lingon berries are shining red in the forest. The family around La Stella have, after a turbulent time, come close together again. Life seems to go their way again. Still, the calm and the quietness does not want to emerge.

Liselotte has gone thru with many of her dreams, yet she feels an indefinite desire that drives her to make new decisions. Mario’s restaurant has been boosted, but the difficulties he has experienced have changed him in depth. Will he get answers to his questions when he seeks out the mountains of Jämtland? The children, Sandra and Elias, are facing new challenges when their parents’ desire drives them all further ahead. Anita experiences a rare force in old feelings. Secretly she sneaks away with buckets and berry pickers, but it is not the forest’s richness that attracts, but something completely different.

Everyone is not as delighted when changes yet again stand waiting by the door. The red color of the lingon berries promises a different sweetness than they usually give. For some in the family around La Stella, existence feels as if it is colored by this bitter aftertaste.