The Woman King

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The year is 1632 and Sweden had its first female king in modern times. In this novel, we follow Christina’s journey to power – and her struggle for freedom.

At the age of twenty eight, Christina abdicates and flees Sweden under great secrecy. The myths about her has been growing for centuries. But how does she see herself? What did she dream about and why did she refuse to marry?

In the 1600s, Sweden was waging endless wars on the continent. The streets of Stockholm had never ending raging fires and  the people was suffering from diseases, beggar staggers out among pigs, feces and corpses. At this time a girl is growing up in the castle Tre Kronor. Still just a small girl, but also the king. Christina refuses to be a puppet. She bides her time: she educates herself, learns how to hunt, how to ride. And when she reaches legal age, she is challenging Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna on power. But it soon becomes apparent that Christina is fighting a more important struggle within herself: the struggle for freedom.

The Woman King is a fascinating novel about being a woman in a male-dominated world. It recreates the vibrant power Sweden had at this time in Europe, the woman who lived it, and the power game at the royal court.