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The great gender experiment

What happens to children who have to be called hir instead of boys and girls at preschool? Is it reasonable to teach children that they should not say mom and dad but just my parent?

Should we call all people just a person? Is there a limit? The word human being comes from the word man; should we rename humanity to a person as well?

What is true? Is there any truth at all? In the postmodern world, people have stopped believing that there is something real beyond what one wants to believe in. Emotions are as important as facts, or even more important sometimes. Nowhere is this more clear than in the debate about male and female and in the discussion on how we achieve gender equality. This is what the author David Eberhard claims in his new book The Great Gender Experiment.

At almost every university in the Western world, we are today taught the notion that everything is a social construction, not just our knowledge of the world, but also reality itself. This has led to the blurring of the boundary between facts and beliefs. Concepts such as objectivity and absolute truth have lost their meaning.

This is the foundation of the third-wave feminism, a feminism walking away from its core. So straight forward and also very convenient. We all come from empty sheets of paper that are ready to be filled with what the culture demands. But unfortunately this is not true. Men and women are biologically different. Coherent science research shows this with clarity, and there are many examples in this book. It is about differences that no gender power order in the world can explain, and no gender theory worthy of the name can explain it.

Men do not come from Venus and women does not come from Mars, but we are normally born a man or woman – no matter what Simone de Beauvoir says. This does not prevent these differences from being reinforced in a patriarchal culture or the fact that some boys are more feminine and some girls are more boyish. But it is important that our gender equality efforts are based on correct conditions.

Creating equality by pretending that we are all alike will never end well. Insisting on such a method to remedy the inequality between the sexes, indicates that in practice, it is obviously possible to go as far as  to create the total genderfree paradise on earth.

Author David Eberhard is published in over 20 countries, and has worked as a senior physician and Head of the Psychiatry department at St Göran’s Hospital in Stockholm for many years and is currently working as Head of Operations at Prima Children & Adult Psychiatry in Stockholm, Sweden.

English translation of the book is available.