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Jenna, Linden, Jossan, Sudden – and Eva Zackrisson. They are Kalmar’s hunters. The unsuccessful, who seek their identity in the exclusion and each other. They are prepared to do everything for each other and not to be like the handball girls. The nearby city of Kalmar is the world to which they are sentenced, but nobody can prevent them from trying to blast the walls, trample the roses, deceive the guards – or Eva from despairing away. But they have to pay a high price. Just as high as the Öland Bridge.
At grandmother Stickan on the island of Öland Eva licks the wounds, many years later. Grandma Stickan offers what her parents never were able to give: a kitchen table with worn cloth, coffee and cake, calmness. But Eva has to return to Kalmar again.

“SEVEN WORDS above our heads, like glories, like a mantra. They lay in each and every handbag, stuck under the shoe soles, written in original language with a pencil on the Sudd’s arms. The mantra was almost solemn in simplicity. You can never have too much eye shadow.”

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