The novel Sund/Bay becomes audio book as well

The novel Sund/Bay by award winning author Tove Folkesson will become an audio book as well. In 2017 she was rewarded the prestigious SVD’s Literary Prize as well as the Bonnier Scholarship Award. She is also honored with Aftonbladet Culture Prize this year.

Eva Zackrisson, a hunter from Kalmar in the South part of Sweden, is heading out into the world. After a crash landing at the Stockholm School of Architecture, she is caught in the millennium shift’s wonderful dream of self-realization. Music, theater, poetry, collective, journeys to Cuba – nothing must be left ransacked in pursuit of true nature.

But maybe it is already there, really close: the childhood’s safe landscape on the island of Öland with a grandmother who never changes and an uncle who never intends to read the Alchemist and measures humidity with a tube of sugar.