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The Perpetrator is an Officer (Gärningsmannen är polis), written by award-winning journalist and author Lisa Bjurwald with ex-police officer Kerstin Dejemyr) was published spring 2021 to great critical acclaim and has stirred up a hot debate on the controversial and under-investigated topic of sexual violence at the hands of the police.

Will the next Black Lives Matter or #Metoo movement be about this? Women on both sides of the Atlantic are already sharing stories of police sexual abuse. Not least in the UK, where an officer with London police force The Met has been charged with the murder of Sarah Everard in one of the most shocking crime cases in recent years.

This investigative non-fiction title looks at the profession’s often destructive macho ideals, its strict hierarchies and culture of silence that have all contributed to letting the police get away with sexual crimes. It also includes a wide variety of gripping interviews with women within as well as outside the force, all victims to police officers’ sexist bullying, sexual harassment, stalking, even rape.

The phenomenon is a global one and international cases will be added to make the English version even more universal.