The Silent Kitchen

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The Silent kitchen is now available as an audiobook again! Lars Lerin is reading his story and music is composed by former ABBA-member Benny Andersson.

“It is now many years since I was sitting in the village of Jonhål among the dandelions and painted my first painting, an oil painting on masonite. The meeting with Astrid and Arvid became the beginning of my story.
In Astrid’s outskirts I felt at home. As a teenager, I was able to identify with a different person who, like myself, never fit into the normal norm. But in another way, of course. What was difficult to express with brushes and paint, however, got its form in the writing book.

The Silent Kitchen is the story of how it all began.”


The audio book is published by Storyside, cover design by Carina Deschamps and music by Benny Andersson.