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The troll is not at homeThe door to the basement is slightly open. Hello! Raphael shouts, as he peeks into the cold darkness. Hello the troll!
But no one answers. Everything is silent, only some small birds are chirping and a skate is laughing, hiding in a thicket.
The troll is probably not at home, maybe he is sleeping. Maybe, maybe not.
Well, well, dad says, trolls, like ghosts, have to sleep all day to be able to stay awake at night.
If the sun is shining on a troll it will burst, so it is said in the fairytales. No one knows, you can believe what you want. You may think that a troll lives in the forest.

Lars Lerin’s first children’s book, The Troll is not at home, is a story in words and watercolor paintings. It was the 7th most sold book of the year in 2019 and was honored the Bookshop Award of 2020.