The two Gardens published in Germany

The two Gardens by author Carola Hansson is published in Germany. The novel is previously published in Sweden and Switzerland.

The two Gardens is Carola Hanssons’s fourth novel. During the work of the three earlier, she had slowly begun to to understand how strongly her perception of reality is characterized by the contrast between light and darkness. Between dazzling, life-giving light and creation, secretive darkness – but also between two forms of death: imagination and chaos.

The main character in the novel is a Swedish botanist, Viktor – a deeply clever person, as much a dreamer as a realist.

Viktor travels to Central America where he meets his friend Leonard, who settled down in the rain forest to turn it into the national park. While Viktor moves through the tropical landscape, he makes another journey in time, back to the day in Helsinki when he first met the woman who would become his wife. Actually, the whole journey about the love between them and transforms to a journey in memory lande that forces Viktor to face his own inner contradictions.