The Yard

Back to Kristian Lundberg

YARDEN-Pocket-Cover-The Yard  is a story about us, about our time here and now.

“It is possible that my pride got me on the case,” the author begins his very straight and sincere story about how he once had to go back to the hard labor his career had begun with. The Yard is a story that affects the reader, about vulnerability and survival, about the work conditions and money – access to money, but above all the lack of money.

Caught in a trap of debt Kristian Lundberg takes a job at the Yard in Malmö. Under heavy guard, and without security, he moves cars for 250 kronor per hour before tax. He is back where it all began. The years when he could earn a living as a writer seems like a parenthesis in his life. The return to the body of work also means a trip back to childhood vulnerability. The Yard is a witness testimony about a modern system where the people are least important, right here and now.

The story also becomes a settlement with the modern conditions of working life. Kristian Lundberg undertake a reverse class trip, where years of writing suddenly appears as an interlude. He returns to the world he once came from. But not for nostalgic reasons, but because there is no other way out.

The award winning movie based on the novel had its premiere in March of 2016, and the story has also been staged at Malmö City Theater as well as in Swedish Radio Theater. The book is published in several countries; Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, Russia, in Esperanto, Poland and many more.