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The world is full of idiots and annoying moments. At work there is the sneaky colleague, at the stable the unbearable upper class mothers, and at home her husband Mats walks around in his ugly gabardine pants and prepares Friday coziness with tacos. But worst of all are all the murderers and rapists who destroy our fine country.

Suzanne Eriks can barely stand it, but luckily she knows how to handle it. What society is not able to clean up, someone else simply has to take care of.

Life s going just fine for Suzanne, but at the same time as she takes on a major new “cleaning mission”, the police begins to track her down. Her husband Mats talks about divorce and her friend Jessica is expecting a child with her new love and is becoming increasingly reluctant to participate in their joint pranks.

Is reality starting to catch up with the Court of Appeal judge Suzanne Eriks?