Those who shall die

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The fifth book – Those who shall die, is the first in 10 years by author Kristian Lundberg, in the series about criminal commissioner Nils Forsberg. Once again it is the city of Malmö that plays one of the main roles.
It all starts plain and simple. A woman’s dead body. A harbor inlet. The exclusive residential area of ​​Västra Hamnen. Where things takes place in the protection of the darkness. The one who is owned. The one who owns. And death that picks us up, one by one.

Kristian Lundberg usually describes crimes committed in desperation, in vain. There are violent crimes. There are a number of deaths that appear to be more or less inexplicable. But there is also another side. The ones who enjoy death.

We have a city, but we let parts of it remain in dark shadows. That’s the easiest way. There are close to invisible places in each major city. There are areas where jack pounds encounter pedophiles. Such a place is located behind the gas station down at Lundavägen, just behind Värnhemstorget. It is a dark place just beside a crowded transit accommodation.
It is a place where the desire – no matter what it looks like – ties us together, where everything is a product, where the city has become just a place for transactions. People. Alcohol. Drug. Goods.  And people which most can be described as damaged goods. Everything has a prize. Everything can be bought and sold.

The city is cruel. It takes us into the marrow. It is Malmö that is the stage for this story about Nils Forsberg. There’s also, even if it to some extent is a novel – autobiographical threads that allows the novel to leave the safe frames of fiction.

Those who shall die is a well written crime novel, and once you read it, the story will never leave you.