***** to Baby Blues

The blog Villa Freja praises Baby Blues by author Ester Roxberg.

“I don’t like the summer, I like to long for it, to keep it. I never dare to enjoy the summer because it’s over so fast.”

That’s two sentences that Ester Roxberg writes in Baby Blues and I recognize myself. Tragic, but true. That’s why spring is my favorite season. Because then everything that I find beautiful in front of me, yet to come.

I love Baby Blues. Maybe because I’m too going with a stroller right now. But not in the blues.  I also love Baby Blues for the of language, for the short chapters (love, love) and for the humor and to some extent also the recognition factor.

I’ve really felt upside down thinking of parental leave. It’s about the same feeling as for summer. I love it, but I don’t dare to really enjoy it, because it’s soon over. With my first child, my first daughter, that’s how I felt. I was probably in a real blues even though I didn’t know it then and didn’t talk to anyone about it. Then. I did not manage to enjoy. It became better though. I realized that parental leave was a bubble that lasted for quite some time. That I would like to enjoy. Now I enjoy.

Agnes is a new mom. Stockholm is a hot pot, because it is in the middle of summer. Everyone is on vacation. Everyone has plans. Agnes is alone. There is nowhere to go with a little baby, just the preschool and parent group  The days covers her like a wet blanket, when she moves in her own emotional microcosm.

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