Tove Folkesson

Tove Folkesson
Photo: Sofi Folkesson

Tove Folkesson was born in Stockholm but raised in Kalmar in the South part of Sweden. She has written poetry, is a musician and has, among other things, taught Swedish and writing in Stockholm.

Her debut novel The huntresses of Kalmar was released in 2014 and nominated for the Borås Newspaper Debute Prize, the Catapult Prize and the Swedish Radio’s Novel Prize. Her follow-up novels Bay and Song of Öland have also been honored and praised by both readers and the media.

In 2017 she was rewarded the prestigious SVD’s Literary Prize as well as the Bonnier Scholarship Award. She was also honored with Aftonbladet Culture Prize 2018.

The novel, Her words, was released in fall of 2019.

Latest books

Her words (Hennes ord)
Published: 2019

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Ölandssången (Song of Öland)
Published: 2017

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Sund (Bay)
Published: 2015

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Kalmars jägarinnor (The huntresses of Kalmar)
Published: 2014
Film rights: Nordic Factory Film

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