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Rebecka studied the weapon for a few seconds before she discovered the engraving. 6 6 6. The number of the beast. The devil had come to Värmland County.

Stockholm, spring 2016. Rebecka Born has been given the opportunity to pursue a career as a specialist police in the section for Special Threats (SSH), an elite group fighting terrorism and organized crime.

Her first case: To investigate the mysterious murders of two women who were found truncated and burned by a river. Once in place in Värmland County, Rebecka is faced with a whole new type of threat – a threat that can not be construed with common police methods. What has happened to the young women? Has a serial killer started to expel their hunting fields? A terrified teenage girl is kept at the hospital at Karlstad’s psychiatric clinic and dares to open herself a bit. Is she sitting on the key to the murder? While Rebecka is searching for answers in the darkness, she is being oppressed by the local police, and her own demons begin to come alive. A traumatic event in her teens has put deep marks. Now her career is threatened as well as her mental stability.