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After the breakup from Gustav, Malin has finally found some kind of peace, thanks to the running and the support from Olof and his father Herman. Despite this, a strong desire gnaws within her that feels impossible to achieve. Especially now that she’s single and her biological clock is not directly ticking slower. But when Malin meets Emelie by chance, she begins to understand that the situation may not be as hopeless as she thought.

Olof travels around the country and kingdom and gives lectures on how he rebuilt his life after the tsunami, he lost his wife, their son and unborn children. In the crowd at the lectures, a woman stands out. She follows his tour schedule and seems to be looking for closer contact. Who is she and what is she really looking for?

When Jacob Juul-Andersen, publisher at one of Denmark’s largest publishers, contacts Malin’s publisher Pelle and announces that they are interested in Malin’s and Olof’s book, the joy finds no bounds. But the consequences will be far more extensive than Malin could ever have imagined.