419 hours

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Sweden’s most beloved commissioner, the grumpy but warm-hearted Ewert Truut, faces new, big challenges both in work and private life.

Someone murders men and then scratches a tick into their chest, while Ewert and his colleagues Richard Kahn and Carolina Herrera search in vain for further connections between the victims.

At the same time, Ewert experiences with delight, mixed with horror, how he suddenly becomes both a partner and a dog owner, shattering experiences because he is also forced to change the name of his beloved kitten.

Detective Richard Kahn benevolently delivers sauerkraut juice, which Ewert discreetly pours out, and one night he is forced to rescue Carolina Herrera from a party where she is found lying on the floor with a murder weapon in her hand!

Ewert’s frustration grows and the murders increase. He is fighting against the clock as usual and when the truth emerges it is a shock.