A Secret Summer night

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There was fog over the meadow behind me. Something was moving over there. I did not dare to go any closer but it tickled my stomach so much that I could not help it. Hundreds of girls danced in a circle across the meadow. It sounded like birds chirping when they sang.

One summer night when it is so bright and the mosquito bites so itchy that it is impossible to sleep, Ellen decides to sneak out the window of the summer cottage, out into the dewy, an enchantingly beautiful June night. Soon she meets a strange girl who turns out to be a fairy, and together they embark on a secret adventure in the forest. But not everything is peaceful in the bright night. The forest is also home to the threatening, howling wolves, and it sounds as if they are approaching …

Critics’ favorite Ester Chiedza Roxberg has written a wonderful summer story for the whole family about a magical summer night where anything can happen. Behind the fabulously beautiful watercolors is the acclaimed young artist Maximilian Svensson.