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Niklas Strömstedt started his music career as a teenager when he worked as a DJ at the Atlantic nightclub. ABBA, Skifs and Clabbe hung out there, and when Rod Stewart, Elton John or some other world stars had a gig in Stockholm, it was at Atlantic they ended up afterwards.

It was also here that Niklas got in touch with Ulf Lundell’s producer, which led to him ending up in Lundell’s touring band and entering the music industry. And that was just the beginning of life as a pop singer and songwriter, a life that we get to follow all the way up to the last concerts with GES.

In this book, we find ourselves at the very center of modern Swedish pop history, a journey of over half a century. But here there is also plenty of wise self-reflection, about growing up and family, about relationships and ageing. This book is like a gig – songs and interludes, uptempo and ballads, hits and flops. And about all the lessons along the way.