Anna-Sofia WinrothAnna-Sofia Winroth is the Chocolate Queen of Sweden. In all aspects. She is the owner of Gefle Chocolaterie, one of the country’s finest chocolate producers. She holds lectures, participates in seminars and convents all over the world. She speaks with kings and presidents, with plantation workers, children and people on the streets. She turns the business of cocoa upside down, she is a fighter against child labour and the dark side of chocolate that is a hidden reality. She is also a plantation owner.


The Cocoa belt around the equator hides a truth that the chocolate industry is not happy to highlight, and even actively withholds. Poverty, human abuse and environmental degradation are unfortunately common ingredients in a chocolate bar. How can chocolate taste good then? The taste of poverty is never good.

Anna-Sofia is a writer,  with this truth as the element she has written two novels in the crime genre; Gudarnas föda: den som dödar (Food of the Gods: the one that kills) was awarded the Grand Prix “Best in the World by Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Louvre, Paris, the novel, Guds moder – Röd hämnd (Mother of God red revenge) as well as a children’s book, Lillan & Tiss letar chokladträd (Lillan & Tiss searching for chocolate trees).