Anne Liljeroth

Anne Liljeroth was born in 1963 in Skara, but has lived in Stockholm for a long time. Her experiences from working life, personal development, education, leadership, branding and communication are all sources she can draw from in her writing.

She writes about the people who are not visible, but who make a difference, about life choices and what happens when things are not what they seem to be, and always about relationships. She writes novels that you can feel, that rub and touch and her ambition is to invite to reflection, to make visible what we so often forget to appreciate.

Even though she has lived in Stockholm for a long time with her husband and close to her two grown sons, she prefers spending time at her summer house in the archipelago, enjoying nature, taking care of her garden and writing novels.

She has written five novels in total, and her latest novel Pure Hell is just released.