Big secrets and little lies

When Maja is offered a temporary position as a cemetery caretaker in Måneby, there are a couple of things she “forgets” to tell the pastor: That she has the least green fingers in the world and that her driving license is not valid.

Small details that can be told later, thinks Maja. Although to claim that she planted a fantastic kitchen garden at her summerhouse was perhaps not the smartest thing to say. Especially as she can neither afford seeds nor does she know the difference between carrot tops and weed. Getting a driver’s license would cost a fortune. So when Solveig, the mayor’s grumpy wife, offers Maja twenty thousand for a room in her apartment, she says yes immediately. Especially as Solveig, who is angry at her unfaithful husband, can help her stop his latest stupid project.

Solveig does not share Maja’s flexible attitude to the truth, nor her sense of order, which means that it quickly cracks in the joints for the odd couple. When Solveig also finds a young man with amber eyes on Maja’s sofa one morning, everything is turned upside down.

Big secrets and little lies is the fast-paced and humorous third independent part of Annika Estassy’s popular Måneby trilogy.