Conny Palmkvist

Photo: Mikael Tannus

Conny Palmkvist, b. 1973, grew up in Skåne, in the South part of Sweden. He has written seven novels and is awarded several prestigious prizes, among them the Helsingborg Daily Newspaper Culture Prize, the Umeå Novel Prize and the Selma Prize.
When Conny does not write his own books, he works as an editor, literary critic and copywriter.

Literary journalist and TV- personality Yukiko Duke about Conny Palmqvist:

“What is common for all his stories, and the reason for reading Winter, is Conny Palmkvist’s amazing language. He writes a language that is absolutely wonderful, and is crystal clear, enlightened and without a word too much. It’s poetic lust, a kind of minimalist prose. And it is very rigidly done. There is hardly anyone else in Sweden who can write like this. “

Currently he is writing on a new book to be published by Forum.


Latest books

En morgon vaknar man (One morning you’ll wake up)
Published: 2018

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Vintern (Winter)
Published: 2016

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