Croissants for breakfast

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It’s not easy being Gabriel. Not only is spring cancelled, the Gulf Stream is going to the wrong direction and his sperm is too lazy to work, he also feels that Cecilia is going to leave him. Again.

Cecilia, on the other side, doubts whether it was right to go to back together with Gabriel. What does it matter if he has the cutest neck hole of the world, when he still does not want the same things life as she does?

When the charismatic Antoine makes a comeback in Gabriel’s life and offer him a life by the ocean, warm winds and one hundred days of sunshine a year, Gabriel can not resist. This is just what Cecilia and he needs. Goodbye to overtime and permafrost, Bonjour sun, sea and freedom!

But starting a new life is more difficult than Gabriel imagined. In addition, Cecilia has not forgotten what her hot desire is, and she’s going to make sure it is fulfilled. Croissants for breakfast is a warm and tragicomic novel about love, biological clocks ticking and and stumbling dreams trying to survive.