The small hotel on rue d’Amour

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Paris 1965: Room number one at the small Hôtel d’Amour on rue d’Amour in the sixth arrondissement is bigger and nicer than the other rooms, and it is the room that tells the story of the people who come and go.

To help her, she has La clé, the key that accompanies the guests out on the town and can reveal what is happening there; La fenêtre, the window, which tells what’s going on in the street, and Bakélite, the old telephone gossiping about incoming calls.

The story is also about the young cleaning lady Estelle who has been forced to flee from her evil father in a rural village, about her longing for love and about the room’s constant worry for her.

Throughout history, the room experiences joy and sorrow, love and betrayal, hope and despair, lies and stinging truths. And even a poisonous murder! As if this was not enough, the room and her friends are nervous that the screaming, swearing and extremely labile owner Darcel Chagal will make reality of his threat to sell the hotel.

The small hotel on rue d’Amour is a cozy feelgood novel filled with wonderful Paris nostalgia and the occasional unexpected moment of excitement.

Manuscript is available in Swedish and German.