Elsa in Skräddartorp

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Far east of the forest, down Klatterberget and Gäddtjärnsbråten, beyond Lillpytt and Koögat, a stone’s throw from Skabbhaget and Fiskbyttan, right next to Månskullen, is a small residence called Skräddartorp. Elsa Karlsson lives there with her 28 cats. One is called Little and he is not big at all, but he is bigger than The Giant. And there you will see the old cat Granny. And Gullpiga, who has two white whiskers. And Tuggeliten. And The Boss who sits and glances as if he meant to search for Norway. And Old Gray with wing sickness. And Spherical Round with the broken ear. And The Better and Yawn, she has a tongue so pitifully long. When she yawns, it looks like a strut. But the Bitter Cat, you get to stroke at once, then he chops. Lilljons was born outside, one morning he sat on the stairs and only existed.

Certainly it is a very own world she lives in, Elsa in Skräddartorp. As there was another season here than out in the sunny world, as if time has stopped existing and left Elsa and her cats in their own time.

Elsa in Skräddartorp and her 28 cats is Lars Lerin’s second children’s book, a story in words, photographs and watercolor paintings.

The book was shortlisted for the Adlibris Prize.