Fire Storm

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female politician who works on migration issues is burned to death together with her son. The case is assigned to Sweden’s most beloved commissioner, the grumpy but warm-hearted Ewert Truut.

Ewert and his loyal associates find no trace of the killer before the next brutal arson occurs.

As before, Ewert is forced to fight against uncomprehending superiors in the police while taking care of two cats, two dogs and a parrot who learns more and more inappropriate sentences. In addition, he is concerned that his two closest associates have suffered emotional storms in their private lives. Luckily, he can console himself with a big Cadillac, Mint candy, cigarettes, wine and 70s music.

Ewert’s new love, heart specialist Rebecka, gives him strength and offers him a happy future. But who are the crazy women who chase him, threaten him and maybe even want to kill him?