Looking for green fingers

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It’s summer in Måneby, Agnes favorite season. But this year nothing is alike. A disease has hit Agnes so she can not manage to care for her beloved garden anymore. In addition, in a short moment she now regrets, she promised her neighbor to take care of his parrot while he is traveling around the world. What should she do?

Many miles south, outside the city of Stockholm, lives Leyla with her husband Johan and their six-year-old son Hugo. After Johan crossed the border in one of his rage outings, Leyla decided to move away with Hugo for a while. She answers an advertisement for a small cabin that is rented in exchange for nursing and care, and she ends up in Måneby. The following weeks will be the recovery that Leyla longed for, even though she knows that she cannot stay away forever. Is her marriage possible to save? Does she even want that?

And Agnes, she also has life-changing decisions to make, but of a different kind. Looking for Green fingers is a story about vulnerability, but also about women’s friendship, the wisdom of living and the healing power of a garden.

Looking for green fingers is released by Norstedts.