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Janique Svedberg

Janique SvedbergJanique Svedberg is living in New York for over 30 years and in 2010 she was one of the Swedish New York Wives show broadcasted by TV3, an experience which she looks back on with mixed feelings.

“My story begins when I am eleven years old and screaming to my mother that I hate her. That night, she killed herself. I am convinced that my nasty words were the last straw, she could not manage to live longer. In order to stand out, to survive, my sadness, anger and fear needed an outlet. It began with a mosquito bite and my idea to put a fork in the mosquito bite. It was a terrible pain and started bleeding. But then I felt it a cloud of cotton that surrounded me. My feelings came out with blood running down from my arm and for the first time since my mother’s death, I felt calm. “

At the age of sixteen, Janique leaves Sweden to tour as a dancer and singer with King Creole and the Coconuts and socialize with music superstars. She has had Mick Jagger to dinner, partied around with Prince and Kevin Costner and toured with Bruce Springsteen. Until  Janique became free from pills and alcohol, she lived a life without feelings, a life in the shadow of others’ personalities and dreams. Her book is a story where you get to go on tour, move to New York, open galleries around the world, live in a life that many dream of and which in appearance is exciting and glamorous, but too often lined with grief, fear , blood and drugs. Today Janique is a writer as well as giving lectures on all kinds of destructive behavior through his company Road To Recovery with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Dubai.

Latest book

omslag-bloddrogerrocknroll-750x1200Blod, droger & rock’n’roll
Published: 2013