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John Symons

John Symons has a deep, life-long interest in Russia and the Soviet Union. For nearly thirty years he has travelled widely in both Eastern Europe and Russia, including a visit to an abandoned Siberian Gulag concentration camp.

Described by a British Ambassador to Moscow as ‘an enthusiastic Russophile’, his extensive and intimate knowledge of the country’s history and its people and his conversations with those persecuted or imprisoned by the KGB make A Tear in the Curtain resound with truth.

John worked with the distinguished documentary producer Jonathan Stedall to create a video interview. The extract here explains his devotion to Russian history, which goes back to his earliest years, and his concern for the country and its people.

John grew up in a loving, unassuming family in Devon, who gave him a wonderful education there and at Oxford. He is a historian and works as an executive and life coach with people usually in top, isolated jobs, in all manner of businesses and predicaments.

Latest book

A Tear in the Curtain

Manuscript in English

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