Just released! New audio series by Annika Estassy

A brand new audio series of 8 chapters by author Annika Estassy, The vineyard between the mountains and the sea. Feelgood when it is good!

Just in time for their twenty-year wedding anniversary, Nelly’s husband Mats tells her he wants to get a divorce.
Shocked by the news, Nelly decides to spend the summer in southern France, as a volunteer at a small vineyard in the village of Banyuls. Partly she needs air change, and partly hopes that Mats will miss her when she’s gone, and regret his decision to divorce her.
The stay at the vineyard will be an eye opener for Nelly. Her courage is tested and she is confronted with life choices she never knew she had to handle. For the first time ever, it is up to her, and no one else, to
decide on her own future.

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