Lars Lerin hosts Christmas at Swedish National Television

Author/artist Lars Lerin will be the host at Swedish National Television on Christmas eve this year.

– Christmas feels extra important this special year when many of us will experience a slightly lonelier Christmas than we would have liked. That is why I am extra happy that Lars Lerin will celebrate Christmas with us this year. This year’s Christmas host is loved for his warmth, his humor and compassion – and for his special feeling for people, says Eva Beckman, program director at SVT.

– It was such an incredible experience to be asked. It is actually a great trust I have received, to be able to be a company to many who may feel lonely this Christmas, says Lars Lerin about what he thought when he was asked.

And he continues:

– A Christmas host means a lot to many older people. Even younger people appreciate this tradition that they have carried with them since they were children and that belongs to the Christmas spirit.

– I want to be a company for those who are alone at Christmas. There are many older people, like my mother who lives in a nursing home, and who watches TV as soon as she is awake. And now in these times of Covid, perhaps even more people will turn to the TV screen, and it might be nice that someone is sitting there, like a friend who is present, and says hello, Lars Lerin continues.