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Liam Norberg

Liam NorbergLiam Norberg studied screenwriting, production and drama in the early 90’s. He played the lead role in the Swedish movie The Searchers (1993) by Daniel Fridell and Peter Cartriers and he starred in Blood Brothers (2006) by Daniel Fridell.

The last years he has written several books, including Inside (2009) which won the Pocket Price Gold and Time of the Searchers (2013). These books are fiction, although based on his own reality when he was sentenced for the 930 million coup against Gota Bank in 1990. The story of how it was and is, from being a multi millionaire, falling down to being a zero again. And the long way back. He was released in 1999, determined to do something else in his life than to live like a criminal. Today he holds lectures about his experiences and is engaged in various film and theater projects. 

Liam Norberg has been involved in a number of screenplays lately, both as a developer and main author. More recently also as a director for the film Memo. He is currently writing on a new novel, Nästan framme/Almost there to be released in 2018.

Latest book

sökarnas tid_thSökarnas tid (Time of the Searchers)

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