Look at me as little as I am

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A summer Friday in Stockholm: Ewert Truut is close to being shot by a desperate teenage girl. When she was disarmed and taken to hospital, it turns out that someone cut off her tongue.

A few days later, one of Evert’s friends is brutally murdered and reality is turned upside down, not least when it turns out that there is a connection between the girl and his friend.

When Ewert begins to spin the threads, he is drawn into a shady tangle of prostitution, human trafficking and child abduction. He is threatened with death and also feels the pressure from senior police chiefs who want to put the lid on the investigation. What forces is he fighting against? Who is trying to silence him?

At the same time, his loved ones are affected by other crises and Ewert Truut has reason to reconsider his prejudices and think about how much life is worth.