Manoel Marques Lerin is the CEO at Sandgrund Lars Lerin. He is also a photographer, and has had exhibitions at Sandgrund Lars Lerin, Abecita Art Museum, The Royal Libary of Stockholm, Linköping Art Hall and more.

He has published several books, containing his photography as well as together with Lars Lerin. He had a not small part in the award winning documentary, For you naked, portraying the meeting between himself and Lars Lerin, following their journey from the first meeting at the airport to a life together. He is also a sidekick to Lars Lerin in the success tv-series Vänligen Lars Lerin, broadcasted by Swedish Television and watched by over 1,3 million people. In 2018 and 2019 the new tv-series Lars Lerins lärlingar has been broadcasted by Swedish Television as well to a huge success. Born in Brazil, Manoel Marques Lerin, is a wonderful dancer, full of life and living for life itself.