Still no Rain

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Ester Chiedza Roxberg’s new novel is a story about longing and the search for meaning and belonging.

The main character is a young woman who is quickly becoming an adult. She marries early, has three children, a townhouse and napkin rings. The children are still small when she suffers from a depression. A longing grows inside her, but what is it that she misses? She has just about everything.

For the first time as an adult, she travels back to Zimbabwe, the country she was born in and to the language she once spoke as her mother tongue. In Zimbabwe, she searches for the woman she has never forgotten, who took care of her during the first years of her life.

Still no rain depict the burning eagerness to experience new things, while security and comfort and even greater losses are at stake. What happens when those of us who long cannot find or even know what it is we long for? What does it do to those people that are the closest to us? Maybe there is something bigger than one’s own longing, something that is about much more.