Surrounded by greedy bastards

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You just have to realize – you are surrounded by greedy bastards! At work. In the circle of friends. Maybe even in the family.

Most of them have no shame in their bodies and are far from badly off. It is Ove who borrows money but never pays it back, Betta who drinks from Erica’s wine glass when she leaves for the ladies room. Jeppe who always dodges when the bill is to be split. Adrian who shows up the day after the party to rob all the empty bottles. It is Lotta who wants mileage money when you, in a panic, ask to borrow her car to drive your child to the hospital. Jonas who twists toilet paper at work. Your mother who wants money for a bottle of ketchup and your brother who tells you to bring your own food to his wedding.

Do you recognize them? Of course you do! You have encountered them and you will encounter them again. The true stories in this book might help you get your revenge on the greedy bastards.

Possibly by giving them the book as a gift. They will surely be overjoyed to get it for free!