The house of the Winds

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One autumn morning, Madeleine Le Gall disappears from her home in Brittany, Ti an Aveliou The House of the Winds. Could she have drowned during a swim and her body was pulled out to sea by the tide? Or has she encountered something else?

Madeleine’s children, Simon, Eliaz and Judith, travel to Brittany to find out what has happened. They live scattered across the world and have not seen their mother, or each other, since her seventieth birthday four years ago, a birthday that ended in horror. Included in the baggage are many unanswered questions about the woman who gave birth to them, but whom they never got close to. Who was the young woman that left Sweden in 1969? And why did she never go back to Ludvika?

Piece by piece, the puzzle of their mother and her secrets are put together. Will the mystery of Madeleine Le Gall finally be explained? In that case, can it help Simon, Eliaz and Judith to get on with their own lives?

The House of the Winds is a stormy, but also hopeful, story about a woman’s life choices and a divided family trying to find their way back to each other.