The lessons of Nature

In Naturlära – The lessons of Nature, Lars Lerin presents watercolor paintings where he confidently portrays the nature that surrounds him, especially from his homeland. The various seasons, the color of the leaves, the vines caught in ice and snow are painted by colors of fading time, flagrant deserted houses and detailed studies of a beetle, a bird wing, an angry butterfly.

The captivating and moody paintings are deepened by Lars Lerin’s own tangible texts: diary notes, discarded findings and nature views. They are supplemented by quotes from both well known and unknown works by authors like August Strindberg, Werner Aspenström, Eva-Stina Byggmästar and Harry Martinson.

Naturlära – The lessons of Nature is a master piece to sink into, to rest in, where Lars Lerin shows his unique talent both as an artist and author. This book, almost 500 pages, was awarded the August Prize for Best Non Fiction book.