The phenomenon of Ingvar Kamprad

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Ingvar Kamprad is the man from the small county of Småland in Sweden who furnished the world. The success made him an icon among entrepreneurs – not just in Sweden.

He was an emotional man, and the center of his life was his family, primarily the children and his wife Margaretha. But as family he also included employees, suppliers and not least; the customers. And often first family had to stand back in favor of the other.

In this book we meet the man Ingvar Kamprad. We follow him through his journey of life and get to know his driving forces. His life was lined with great successes, but there was also crises.
The author has discussed the phenomenon of Ingvar Kamprad with co-workers, friends and politicians, who all openly share their personal stories about Ingvar as a friend and workmate. Ikea’s CEO Jesper Brodin, Chairman of the Board Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Per Eggenes, CEO of Ikea Foundation, friends Göran Grosskopf and Sven-Erik Bucht are some of those who have contributed to this book.

The result has become a living story of an extraordinary man who became a legend already during his lifetime.