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The Queen’s Marriage, is the inside story of the Queen’s marriage that contains previously undisclosed revelations. In this new book royal historian Lady Colin Campbell covers the Queen’s marriage in intimate detail.

Using her connections and impeccable sources she recounts details of the inside story of the monarch’s relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh and her close family.

Writing the truth has so far proven to be a very discomforting experience. “I only hope that our society has progressed to the stage where one can finally speak the truth without being lambasted.”

 “I focus very much on the realities of their lives and what the realities are all about, says Lady Colin Campbell.”
When asked by a journalist if the Queen would be happy with the book, she says: “I think it will provide insight for the public to see exactly what has gone on, why it has gone on and to what extent it has worked well for all parties involved.”