The troll who found his way home

Back to Lars Lerin

It’s spring and the troll Måns must leave the troll cauldron under the big stone in Småland to embark on a winding odyssey through Sweden’s forests. It is time for the youngster to look for a home of his own.

Måns longs for freedom, but is also anxious about his journey and his life as a lone troll in the world. He doubts his ability during the forest walks as he has to hide from all human beings. But he also finds solace in nature, in the animals and the underground on the way.

Together with Måns – guided by Lerin’s unmistakable narrative voice and brush – we encounter breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and small moss-covered details. We are captured by nature, animals and the spiritual development of a kind troll who finally finds his safe cellar close to the city of Karlstad, at Hammarön.

The insight along the way? That we are all alone together!