Tomorrow’s post to Vidhäll

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Thirty-one-year-old Iris works at the postal sorting office in the northern little town of Vännäs. For ten years, delivering mail, she has come to know everyone along her route. Among others, there are the nice landowners Margit and Bertil Hägglund, the eccentric and disembodied nail sculptor Desiré, and the old man Egon Rask, who is standing by his mailbox every day waiting for Iris. He rarely gets any mail, but always takes the opportunity to exchange a few words about weather and wind.

But Iris is not just delivering mail. She is also medium. As she travels around and delivers her mail, she snaps like Tamara on the “Tamara’s Future Line telephone service”. A very secret business that only she and the nail sculptor Desiré know about. So one day it turns out that one of the callers to Tamara is also one of the people on her route. Soon, Iris has mixed her roles together and consciously controls the events through her predictions. Of course, everything ends in drama and chaos, but it also makes Iris realize what is right and important for her in life.

Tomorrow’s post to Vidhäll is a warm and wonderful story about life, fate and people living along a mail route on the countryside, way far north. It is also a story that only you can choose and influence your path in life, no matter of who you are.