Viktoria MyrénViktoria Myrén (b. 1971) is a journalist with focus on international issues and children. She is also a highly appreciated author, and released her first novel I en familj finns inga fiender (There are no enemies in a family) 2009, followed by Iris in 2011, both novels published by Ordfront.

Her new novel, I det yttersta (On the edge), was published in June, 2015.

Kim, Nora, Marc and Hannes. Four friends go on late summer out to an island in the outer archipelago to spend a long weekend together. To speak out, to come closer together or just get away from everything. Hannes disappear on the third day. While the storm pulling over the island they search within them themselves, those who are left. Did he leave them? Is anyone of them to blame for his disappearance? Has something happened to Hannes ?

I det yttersta (On the edge) is a classic novel of existential loneliness. It is a poetic and perceptive portrayal of the terms of our relationships, and how we act standing at the edge of life when we risk losing someone we love.