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Kamilla Oresvärd
Kamilla Oresvärd

Kamilla Oresvärd has studied linguistics and literary sciences at the University of Gothenburg,  and has been working for many years as a communications manager at an international company.
She had worked as a communicator for many years, a profession where the written word is an important part, when she started writing. But writing fiction is of course entirely something else. Being able to create your own worlds and go into them was an absolutely fantastic experience for her and once she had started it was impossible to stop.

She never had to think about which genre to choose. It was an easy choice to write and focus on crime, because that’s what she prefers to read herself. As a writer, she gets inspiration from various things in the world around her and she never knows when she will be met by what will be the scenery of the next book. It can be anything from a meeting, a conversation, something she reads, a piece of news – that inspires her and it’s just as magical every time.

Kamilla debuted in 2015 with the acclaimed crime novel The Memory Bearer and has since then written six highly successful crime novels.

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